Vivian and Carlo part ways in Lovers in Paris

After a party gone wrong in Lovers in Paris, Carlo(Piolo Pascual) and Vivian (KC Concepcion) have a confrontation. Will the two learn to forgive each other?

In the October 5 episode of Lovers in Paris, Carlo(Piolo Pascual) and Vivian (KC Concepcion) go on a trip to Nice for aparty where Vivian will once again pretend to be the fiancée of the businessman.

Martin (Zanjoe Marudo) and Karen (Maricar Reyes) have dinner together andMartin admits that he is looking for the right girl to love. He wants to fallhead over heels in love while staying in Paris.

A guy who mistook her for a prostitute in the past approaches Vivian and forceshimself on her. Carlo throws a punch at the guy. The man then accuses Vivianof being a prostitute.

Carlo confronts Vivian and says harsh words to her: "Empleyado lang kita. Malayko ba kung anong ginagawa mo pag-alis ng bahay ko. Wala akong pakialam kungbayarang babae ka. Wala akong pakialam kung kani-kaninong lalaki ka pumapatol.Ang alam ko lang, pinahiya mo ako at sinira mo ang negosyo ko!"

Vivian takes her bag and tearfully tells Carlo that she did seem like a‘bayarang babae' because she agreed to pretend and put up with his lies becauseof the payment. "Yun nga ang magiging tingin mo sa akin, mukhang pera. Binebentaang lahat para sa pera."

He orders Vivian to get in but when she refuses to enter the car, he leaves herbehind.

In tonight's episode, Vivian is slated to go back to Manila and Carlo wants tomake it up to her, so tries his best to catch up with her. Will he succeed? WillVivian accept his apology?

Find out when Lovers in Paris airs tonight on ABS-CBN right after MayBukas Pa.





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