Q Channel 11 gives a different meaning on being Full Time Moms

"We're going to talk about everything related to being a woman,hindi lang pagiging nanay but also being a best friend, daughter, sister,"described Gigi Santiago-Lara (not in photo), QTV assistant vice president for alternativeproduction, about the their new show FullTime Moms. Hosted by Suzi Entrata-Abrera (left) and Christine Jabob-Sandejas (right), it will air its pilot episode onOctober 12, 2009.

TV personalities Suzi Entrata-Abrera and ChristineJacob-Sandejas give another description to being a full time mom.

Both agreed that being a very dedicated mother does not meanlosing contact with friends and having no time for relaxation andbeauty. Through their new show Full Time Moms onQ Channel 11, Suzi and Christine agreed that despite the demands of being amom, homemakers should still find some time for themselves. Starting October 12, they will share tips for women who have dedicated their time for their families.

"I think nowadays, parang mas inaalagaan na rin ng mga momsang sarili nila," Suzi told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal). "They know that they look good or feel good,they're able to take care of their family better. Hindi na sila naaawa sa sarili nila na walana akong panahon sa sarili ko."

The former Eat Bulaga hostseconded, "It's nice to balance your life. You reach a point when you hit a certain age, you shouldn't let loose,but then, try to keep it all together, di ba? Parang just because mommy, most people think losyang or passé na, no sexappeal. We want to erase that."

In Full Time Moms, which will be aired daily at 7:30 p.m., the two TV hosts will tackle similar situationsthat Pinoy moms experience in their everyday life.

Suzi said, "It's comforting to know that other moms are alsoexperiencing the same thing. Ako, parangminsan, ‘Ako lang ba? Ako lang ba ang nagkukulang?'"

Then, she mentioned about their goal of Full Time Moms, which is directed by another celebrity mom, BibethOrteza-Siguon Reyna.

Suzi said, "I think also being a mom, for us to bringsomething new to the table pag-uwi ng family from school or work, kailangan mayexperiences ka rin outside of the home para fresh din ang tingin mo. Kasi minsan nabu-burnout sila, di ba, it'sroutinary. You know the routine everyday, it's the same pattern, para siyang ground hog day. But if you go out once in a while—treatyourself, see your friends, do what you want—pag-uwi mo may bago kangexperience."


Lastly, she described the program as, "the usualmommy-to-mommy bonding na there's a lot to learn from each other and also fromour guests, the case studies that we have in the program, at the same time it'streated in a very different way."

Learn useful advice from fellow mothers everydayin Full Time Moms starting October12, 7:30 p.m. on Q Channel 11.





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