Will Melissa and Morrie end their charade in Someone to Love?

In the previous episode of Someone to Love, Melissa (Bea Alonzo) and Morrie (Sam Milby) have already started pretending to be a couple. Will they continue with the charade or will they put an end to it?

Bea Alonzo felt really worried and concerned when she learned that Sam Milby met a vehicular accident recently.

Reports say that the actor's van was severely damaged. Fortunately, the matinee idol was unscathed. Upon hearing the bad reports, Bea urgently contacted her leading man in Your Song presents Someone to Love to check up on his condition.

"I was shocked nung narinig ko, so I immediately texted him to make sure na walang nangyari sa kanyang masama. When he replied na okay naman siya at wala naman nasaktan sa aksidente, I was relieved but I still thought of his car... bago lang kasi yun, eh. Binili niya yun when we were doing And I Love You So. Sayang, dahil pinaghirapan niya yun," Bea shared.

On the other hand, Sam feels very fortunate to survive the accident that took place near Libis. (CLICK HERE to read more about the incident)

On the next episode of Your Song, Melissa (Bea) and Morrie (Sam) start their pretend-for-the-benefit-of-each-other scheme. Melissa pretends to be Morrie's secretary while Morrie plays Melissa's boyfriend in front of her sick father. But their plot won't last long because Melissa suddenly gets the urge to tell the truth.

What will Morrie do? Will he blurt out the real scenario to his girlfriend?

Don't miss Your Song presents Someone to Love as it stirs up your Sunday afternoon after ASAP '09 on ABS-CBN.





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