Akihiro Sato and Rufa Mae Quinto paired for the first time in Moshi, Moshi I Love You

Rufa Mae Quinto stars with Japanese-Brazilian model Akihiro Sato in SRO Cinemaserye's latest comedy-romance offering titled Moshi, Moshi, I Love You. The pilot episode will be aired on GMA-7 this October 15.

Comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto lightensup Thursday evening viewing via GMA-7's SRO Cinemaserye latest offering Moshi, Moshi, I Love You. The four-partepisode will premiere on October 15, after Shining Inheritance.

Joining Rufa Mae is Japanese-Brazilianmodel-turned-actor Akihiro Sato, who will star in his first television actingproject after his Celebrity Duets 3stint.

"Sigurado nervous and kasi she's a bigstar, and then surprise, I find her very professional and I did all my best forthis first-time acting," Akihiro said about working with Rufa Mae.

The sexy comedienne, on the other hand,found Akihiro intimidating at first, saying in her trademark delivery, "Ang lakingmama, ninerbyos ako, ha. All white, naka-shades tapos model, sabi ko, ‘Naku paano'to baka hindi kami magkaintindihan.' Buti naman mabilis siyang maka-memorize atnakaka-intindi siya ng Tagalog."

Both actors fortunately got over theirinitial discomfort and found out that their distinct characters complement theshow's wacky concept. While Rufa Mae's natural flair for comedy isa given, it is surprising to discover that Akihiro in person is actually far fromthe stereotype we commonly associate with models.


Rufa Mae expressed great amazement withher leading man's ability to throw punchlines and jokes.

"Ok lang din kahit pagtawanan siya,"laughed Rufa Mae. "Pero ‘yon nga 'yong maganda sa kanya kasi game siya... Tawalang kami nang tawa dito sa show na ‘to."

FROMREEL TO REAL. RufaMae portrays the character of Perseveranda, a telenovela addict who findsinspiration in the stories and characters of her favorite drama-romance serieswhile clinging to her belief that these programs mirror her own life.

One of her top favorites is the fictional Asiantelenovela Tokyo With Love starring the sensational Japanese actor AkihiroWatanabe. Her admiration for the actor becomes an obsession when she learns that Akihiro will be visiting thecountry to promote his hit television series.

Crazed by the desire to meet and hook upwith Akihiro, Perserveranda resorts to all crazy things just to gain Akihiro's undividedattention. The desperate telenovela fanatic tags along with her good friendCora as they both join the win-a-date-with-Akihiro contest where they end up astwo of the finalists.


To Perseveranda's disappointment, Corais proclaimed winner, consequently dashing her hopes to win Akihiro'sadmiration. To spoil her friend's good fortune, Perseveranda plans to sabotageCora's date with the dashing actor—unveiling in the process a kidnappingattempt purportedly masterminded by Akihiro's own manager (portrayed by AliciaMayer).

Can Perseveranda save Akihiro from hisruthless kidnappers? Will Akihiro's heart be blown away by Perseveranda's nobledeed? Who will earn Akihiro's love? Will Perseveranda's fantasy of a happyending finally bear fruit with Akihiro as her Prince Charming?

SRO Cinemaserye Moshi, Moshi, I Love Youis directed by Andoy Ranay, with Jun Lana as headwriter. Joining Rufa Mae,Alicia, and Akihiro are Gloria Sevilla, Mosang and Ricci Chan. It will air on GMA-7 right afterShining Inheritance starting October 15.


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