Survivor Philippines: Palau: Amanda and Mika enjoy their vacation in a five-star resort

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Survivor Philippines: Palau castaways Amanda and Mika, together with their loved ones, arrived at the Palau Pacific Resort in a speedboat.

Both Amanda and Mika were surprised to see the beautiful five-star resort. For both of the castaways, staying in a luxurious resort after 35 days of living on a remote island was exhilarating. Mika was thrilled to see a bed and a shower complete with hot water.

Later, Mika narrated to her Daddy Mike how she became the "ultimate crab hunter" as the male castaways got eliminated one after another.

MUNCH TIME. Mika, Amanda, Mike and Jovell then got to the buffet table for dinner. The best friends started munching on the desserts before taking the main course.

"I’ve never been so happy with dessert, like ever!" Mika exclaimed.

Amanda and Mika got each type of dessert and went back and forth at the buffet table. Jovell Abogador, the husband of Mika’s cousin, was shocked by what he saw.

"Grabe, hindi ko sila kinaya ni Mika. Kaya kami ni Daddy Mike, nag-uusap na lang kami sa mata, dahil sila kumbaga kami siguro twice lang kami bumalik...Sila parang lagare na balik nang balik dun sa buffet," Jovell said.

Palauan dancers performed while the four were dining.

Back at the Sonsorol Camp, Charles wished for the chance to experience a resort vacation. But the two girls convinced themselves that they have not missed out on anything, since they have already experienced rewards in the past. However, there was a tinge of sourgraping on Justine’s part.

Charles : "Tapos sinundo tayo ngayon ’no? Binabago na po namin ’yung ano, kasama na rin kayo dun sa five star."

Justine : "Ay naku! ’Wag ka na umasa."

Jef : "Okay lang yun."

Justine : "Okay lang yun, naranasan na natin lahat yun."

Charles : "Anong sinabing food?"


Jef : "Dinner buffet e, kasi pag five-star hotel, buffet ’yun sigurado."

Justine : "Hindi mo naman makakain lahat sa buffet, akala mo naman makakain mo lahat."

Justine was determined to get the immunity necklace come the next challenge and she also promised that she would hand it over to Jef.

Justine: "Ay, ang saya-saya kahit hindi tayo nag-hotel, nakita natin ang ating mga loved ones."

Jef : "Puwede na ’yun, e, ’no?"

Justine: "Kanila na ’yon, tutal hanggang dun na lang naman sila. Kaya bukas, galingan, ibigay lahat. Dapat isa sa atin. Naisip ko, sabi ko, ang mananalo may immunity, sa tribal council parang gusto ko lang ng eksena."

Jef : "Ano?"

Justine: "Ipapasa ko siya sa ’yo."

Jef : "Maldita ka!"

Justine: "Parang gusto ko lang ng eksena lang na kampante ako na I have ano a solid..."

Justine also said that she wanted to get Amanda eliminated first.

"Pero gusto ko si Amanda. ’Saka siya talaga ang parang nagpapa-boil ng water na ang aayus-ayos, siya yung nagbibigay pressure, stress sa loob nito, saka yun nga, parang nakita ko na parang humuhugot ng lakas si Mika ngayon sa kanya, parang always nakadepende yung desisyon kay Amanda," Justine told Jef.

The ’alliance’ of three ate some bananas before going to sleep.

Day 36

FATHERLY ADVICE. Mika woke up her dad the next day. For breakfast, Amanda and Mika were delighted by a buffet of bagels, croissants, cream cheese, omelets, cereal, bacon and more mouth-watering treats.

While the girls were preoccupied with their feast, Mr. Batchelor constantly reminded Mika and Amanda to stay focused on the game.

"You better have an extra plan with you. If they throw something new and at the end, which I wouldn’t be surprised if they do, some totally new thing that you never thought of somewhere in the end," Mike told the girls who were somewhat inattentive.


"Mika and Amanda were pretty much oblivious to this, because they were enjoying the hotel. They were forgetting what was going on back in the camp. So I kept trying to remind them," Mike said.

Indeed, what was happening back in the camp was a plot that would seal the fate of either two of the best of friends. Justine was especially happy waking up with Charles and Jef.

"Parang ang sarap din ng feeling na ’uy tatlo na lang tayo, parang pakiramdam talaga namin, kami na iyong top 3 talaga!" Justine said.

The trio went on with their plot.

Justine: "Just keep your focus, Charles ha, just keep your focus, kung ano mang sabihin, palabasin na sa tainga, ’wag kang magpapaniwala kung ano mang paraan gagawin nila."

Jef : "Grabe sila ka ano ’no?"

Justine: "Drastic masyado."

Jef : "Tama bang sabihin na kami ang top 2, sumama ka sa amin para madala ka namin sa top 3. Parang okay kaya parang, kami na kasi iyong mananalo e. So I’m sorry, aalisin, wala ngang sorry, aalisin ka, bye-bye na for you, kasi kami na ’tong winner."

Meanwhile, Mika and Amanda enjoyed their time in the pool. They also took the opportunity to plan their next move. Their goal was to keep Jef with them in the top 3.

Mika : "Plan A is Jef."

Amanda: "Tanggalin?"

Mika : "No, no, no. Plan A is like Jef not tanggalin, kausapin. Which is what we already figured out. Plan B is if Charles has the bracelet... Sasabihin natin kay Charles na siya iyong ivo-vote out natin. Pero ang talagang ivo-vote out natin si Justine."

Amanda: "Para gamitin ni Charles iyong bracelet."

Mika : "Plan C is the other way around. Kung na kay Justine..."

Amanda: "Oo. Exact same thing noong kay Shaun."

Mika : "So pag na kay Justine sasabihin natin na siya iyong iboboto natin pero si Charles ang iboboto natin."


Amanda: "Kailangan ma-top 3 natin si Jef. At saka, at least tatanggi ba si Jef, e, sure na ’yun sa ’ting dalawa na talagang top 3 siya. And chances pa manalo siya ng immunity."

But Mika’s father had some insight of his own.

Mike : "Jef is much smarter than she seems. She’s buddy-buddy with this jolly bee. You have to be really careful with her."

Amanda: "She’s coming out!"

Mika : "Her angry side came out yesterday. It’s starting to show. "

Amanda: "I know ’cause I’ve been with her, for like 35 days. And yesterday she wasn’t the Jef I knew."

Mr. Batchelor knew that Jef was someone to look out for.

"Although they thought these two girls were not much of a competition for them, I told them if they got you thinking that they’re not much competition for you, they’re way ahead of you because that means they got you thinking they want you to think," Mika’s father said.

But Mika didn’t want to dwell on Jef.

"Alam naman namin na magiging jealous siya or angry, pero we just put it aside and just enjoy," Mika said.

Back at the camp, Jef finally decided to stand on her own and further solidified her alliance with Justine and Charles.

"Ilalabas ko na lahat-lahat-lahat ng puwede kong ilabas. Hindi na ’ko magiging impatient, then bahala na lang lahat kung anong mayroon in the end," Jef said.

Later, the three made a wish by picking stones and throwing them out to sea.

"Winish nga namin na sana mag-prosper ’yung mga plano namin, magkakasama kami hanggang sa huli, top 3," Justine said.

Survivor Philippines: Palau airs weekdays on GMA-7 right after Rosalinda.

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