Ang Pinaka marks its 4th anniversary with a visit to Guam

Join Rovilson Fernandez as he presents Guam’s top destinations for the November 15 episode of Ang Pinaka.

Q Channel 11’s show heralding a weekly countdown marks its fourth year on the air! Watch the Top Ten ANG PINAKA: Must-Do in Guam today, November 15, on Q.

In the western Pacific Ocean lies the small, lush island paradise of Guam. It’s one of the most culturally diverse areas in the world, with tourism as its leading industry. Being a short flight away from neighboring countries, Guam has become a favorite destination for most Asian tourists.

But does this small island have enough to offer to make it worth the trip? Join host Rovilson Fernandez as he lists down Guam’s top tourist attractions in the special fourth anniversary offering of Ang Pinaka, this Sunday (November 15), 6 pm, on Q Channel 11.


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