Q Channel 11 premieres four new shows this December 2009

Viewers will once again see Takeshi’s Castle on Q Channel 11 as well as new programs such as Drop Dead Diva, Pinoy Silver Screen, and Tweetbiz.

Q Channel 11 welcomes the month of December with the launch of four programs: these are Drop Dead Diva, Pinoy Silver Screen, Takeshi’s Castle and Tweetbiz.

Premiering on December 4 is the Asian TV premiere of Drop Dead Diva. From the reputable Sony Pictures Television, this Hollywood TV series is starred by actress Brooke Elliott. In this back-from-the-dead story, Brooke plays the role of Deb Dobson, a model wannabe who, after meeting a fatal car accident, returns to life in the recently deceased, plus-size body of Jane Bingum, a brilliant attorney. Its "dramedy" and fantasy elements mixed with commentaries on body image and women in the workplace will entertain viewers every Friday night.

Pinoy Silver Screen, meanwhile, screens Pinoy movies at the comfort of one’s home starting December 5 and every Saturday night from then on. First on its roster is I.T.A.L.Y. which stars Dennis Trillo, Rufa Mae Quinto, Jolina Magdangal, Rhian Ramos, Mark Herras, and Eugene Domingo. Next on the list is the Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez tandem in My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend followed by Bongga Ka Boy, Ikaw Pa Rin (starring Robin Padilla and Ai-Ai Delas Alas) and Lab en Kisses (starring Vic Sotto and Vina Morales).

Making a comeback on Q Channel 11 on December 7 is Takeshi’s Castle, led by the witty and wacky tandem of Joey de Leon as Master GT and Ryan Yllana as Capt. B. Classic scenes of people braving challenging and sometimes ridiculously impossible obstacles and mazes once again invades Philippine television.

Premiering on the same day is the showbiz talk show Tweetbiz. Led by showbiz insiders Tim Yap, Mr. Fu, and Sam Y.G. as Shivaker, together with their teams of paparazzi, Tweetbiz not only brings viewers the hottest and the latest in and around showbiz but also rates each tidbit from the most shocking news to the plainest gossip.


Be sure to catch the premiere of Drop Dead Diva, Pinoy Silver Screen, Takeshi’s Castle and Tweetbiz this December on Q Channel 11.





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