Annina Ucatis of Big Brother Germany enters PBB Double Up

Annina Ucatis of Big Brother Germany has entered the Pinoy Big Brother house. Find out how will she interact with the housemates as they celebrate Christmas inside the closely monitored house.

The BIG package has finally arrived! Big Brother Germany ex-housemate Annina Ucatis landed on Philippine soil last Tuesday (December 22) with her real life boyfriend Sasha Schwan, who was also a housemate in Big Brother Germany. She is safe and ready to spicen up the holiday season inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

Annina, who has the same birthday with Pinoy Big Brother Double Up housemate Paul Jake Castillo, said she doesn’t know much about the Philippines, but she promised to make her stay "memorable." She, however, refused to conceal her age for the meantime.

Meanwhile, the PBB Christmas Ball pushed through with performances from Christian Bautista, Richard Poon, and the band Imago. Christian Bautista also danced with Sam Pinto, while Richard Poon made Rica Paras swoon.

Sam and Rica were the only two housemates who weren’t invited by any of the PBB boys as a date in the said ball. This caused the two to feel bad and cry.

Rica felt that she didn’t belong to the Christmas ball, which she called "a parade of rejection." According to Doc Randy Dallosa, PBB’s resident psychologist, Rica has gone through a string of rejections since her childhood and teenage years. Receiving no invitation to the ball allegedly brought back these memories and having drunk alcohol made her sob more than the usual.

Sam, on the other hand, was used to not receiving invitations to events as most men would often be intimidated by her "model" status. After seeing her sobbing, Johan Santos invited her to dance but she declined his offer. Paul Jake then pulled her to the dance floor but that too didn’t work.

Meanwhile, Jason Francisco and Melai Cantiveros’s much awaited date has happened after being chosen by the public as the King and Queen of the ball. The two were brought to Star City where they rode the Balloon wheel with red wine while overlooking the Mall of Asia. The two were also caught holding each other’s hands while in the van!

Find out how the housemates react to Annina’s arrival. Join Mariel Rodriguez in Uber after Banana Split Daily Serving, Toni Gonzaga in PBB Double Up on Primetime Bida after Dahil May Isang Ikaw, and Bianca Gonzalez in PBB Double Uplate every after midnight. Also catch the 24/7 livestreaming at Skycable Ch. 150.






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