Will Paw Diaz and Rafaell Rosell’s characters end up in the altar?

(From left) Carla Humphries, Rafaell Rosell and Paw Diaz topbill Precious Hearts Romances Presents Quikilig: The Substitute Bride. It is scheduled to end this Friday, February 26. The next Quikilig installment is You’re Mine, Only Mine starring Will Devaughn and Denise Laurel.

From the pocketbook written by well-known romance writer Martha Cecilia, viewers can look forward to the grand finale of Precious Hearts Romances Presents Quikilig: The Substitute Bride. The characters of Paw Diaz and Rafael Rossell are in for a big surprise. Are they going to live "happily ever after?"

As the story continues, will Brent (Rafael) and his substitute bride Wilda (Paw) say "I do" at the altar? How will Candra (Carla Humphries), Brent’s ex-fiance and her family hinder the couple’s plans? Will the connection between Candra’s family and Wilda’s tragic past affect Brent and Wilda’s relationship?

Under the direction of Gawad Urian Awardee for the 2006 Cinema One entry Rome and Juliet Connie Macatuno, The Substitute Bride also stars Cara Eriguel, Manuel Chua, JM de Guzman, Lorenzo Mara, Soliman Cruz, Frances Ignacio, Ricardo Cepeda, Melissa Mendez and Gerard Acao. Don’t miss the finale this February 26 (Friday), 5:20 pm after Banana Split Daily Servings.

Starting March 1 (Monday), watch out for the next Quickilig offering, another Martha Cecilia work titled You’re Mine, Only Mine. This ABS-CBN soap opera will star Will Devaughn and Denise Laurel and will be directed by Jerry-Lopez Sineneng. Find out if true love will blossom even if the ties that bind two people together is a contract in this modern-day retelling of arranged marriage.





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