Jennica Garcia and Carl Gueverra topbill Dear Friend’s My Stalking Heart

The lead cast of Dear Friend’s My Stalking Heart are (from left) Jef Gaitan, Marvin Kiefer, Carl Gueverra, and Jennica Garcia. GMA-7’s light romance drama will air its pilot episode on March 7.

Jennica Garcia takes a breather from heavy drama as she stars alongside Carl Gueverra in Dear Friend’s offering for the month of March titled My Stalking Heart.

The daughter of seasoned actress Jean Garcia welcomes the change of pace, admitting that she loves portraying a light character in stark contrast with the one she’s assuming in the heavy drama series, Ina, Kasusuklaman Ba Kita?

"Parang ako rin ito, e," said Jennica about her character, Doris. Jennica and Carl are working together for the first time and both are excited to find out if their tandem would click among television viewers.

"Ako naman kasi ever since gusto ko talaga ’yong laging may bago, nae-excite kasi ako," said Jennica during the press conference held at Eivissa Super Club on Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Carl, according to Jennica, is "mahiyain" who constantly laughs at her jokes. "Pero since may pagka-bibo naman ako puro lang siya tawa. Minsan hindi na ko nagpapatawa pero tawa pa rin siya ng tawa."

The former ABS-CBN actor is not the only neophyte in the show. Paired for the first time in one project are real life sweethearts and former Survivor Philippines: Palau castaways Jef Gaitan and Marvin Kiefer.

STALKING CONSPIRACY. My Stalking Heart departs from the seriousness of the previous Rhian Ramos and TJ Trinidad episode, Almost A Love Story. This time around, Dear Heart returns to the light romantic drama formula it successfully concocted in the past.

My Stalking Heart tells the tale of four young people whose lives intertwined by bizarre twist of fate in their respective romantic relationships.


Doris (Jennica) expects a marriage proposal from longtime beau Eric (Marvin). The return of Eric, however, turned out to be bad news as he wants to breakup with Doris for another girl.

A heartbroken Doris resorts to stalking Eric and his newfound girl named Nina (Jef). Doris meets Julio—who happens to be Nina’s best friend and secret admirer—in the house she personally rented to pursue her ex-boyfriend. Like Doris, Julio is also crushed by Nina’s relationship.

Determine to regain the love and affection of Eric and Nina, Doris and Julio conspires to break the two apart. They eventually succeed in rekindling the affection of their former partners.

Doris and Julio then realize that they miss each other’s company. Love, they both realize, found them when they least expected it.

Catch the premiere of My Stalking Heart on Dear Friend this Sunday, March 7, at 3:00 p.m. on GMA-7.





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