Meet the Fathers will air final episode tonight, March 4

In Meet the Fathers, Larry (Christopher de Leon, right) is revealed to be terminally ill. Will he still be able to walk his daughter Cheska (Ynna Asistio) down the aisle? How will Rigor (Bayani Agbayani) and the rest of the family deal with this turn of events?

Big secrets will be revealed tonight, March 4, in the touching final episode of SRO Cinemaserye presents Meet the Fathers.

After a heated argument with his daughter Cheska (Ynna Asistio), Larry (Christopher) suddenly collapses. Rigor (Bayani Agbayani) brings him to the hospital and finally discovers Larry’s secret—he has cancer and only a few months to live. He had been battling this illness for a long time but kept it hidden from his family.

When Larry leaves the hospital, he is shocked by the news that his daughter has eloped with her fiancé Brent (Joross Gamboa).

The issue is settled, however, and Larry gives his blessing to Cheska and Brent’s marriage. Rigor is now considered a member of the family and things run smoothly for the couple.

Larry once again collapses and the whole family discovers his condition. His wife Cristy (Angel Jacob) soon realizes that everything was part of Larry’s grand scheme to let Rigor come into their lives.

How will the family cope with Larry’s terminal illness? Will Larry get the chance to walk his daughter Cheska down the aisle?

Don’t miss the final episode of SRO Cinemaserye Meet the Fathers tomorrow, March 4, right after Queen Seon Deok on GMA-7.





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