Iza Calzado will be seen on Kap’s Amazing Stories, Kids Edition this Sunday

Iza Calzado will join the junior detectives of Kap’s Amazing Stories, Kids Edition in searching for amazing animals.

Working Girl star Iza Calzado will join junior detectives Ramboy Revilla and Jayda Avanzado this Easter Sunday, April 4, as Kap’s Amazing Stories, Kids Edition continues its hunt for amazing animals!

A fierce crook is lurking around the mountains of Nevada for delicious human food. It’s huge and black. Know this animal you should stay away from.

Meanwhile, owls will astound audiences with their "superpowers." Other than their incredible night vision, discover their other two "super" traits.

KAS uncovered an island perched in the African Rainforest but they have a parade of elephants as company. What is so compelling about this little island?

Dare to catch anacondas with your feet. Join Detective Rinas in conquering the deadly anacondas of Venezuela.

Lastly, learn from dolphins that nothing is what is seems as they swirl and swim around the ocean, performing a "task" that is often mistaken by humans as "mere playing."


Kap’s Amazing Stories, Kids Edition airs every Sunday, right after Showbiz Central, on GMA-7.


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