PEP REVIEW: TV5’s "Para Sa’yo Kapatid" Station ID has star power enough to challenge its rivals

TV5’s station ID brings together its roster of talents namely (from left, top row) Paolo Bediones, Maricel Soriano, Ryan Agoncillo; (from left, middle row) Ruffa Gutierrez, Dolphy, Lucy Torres; (from left, bottom frame) Vic Sotto, Cheryl Cosim and Joey de Leon.

With its recent relaunch this March 2010, TV5 enters the arena as a serious third player in the television battle long dominated by ABS-CBN and GMA-7. TV5 promises beefed-up entertainment and news programming, and parades a bevy of stars including newly-recruited industry stalwarts. The Manny Pangilinan-owned network assumes the role of "Kapatid," offering viewers alternatives to the usual offerings of the Kapamilya and Kapuso Networks.

TV5’s "Para Sa’yo Kapatid" station ID (SID) proudly heralds: A new contender has risen!

Never has a TV5 (formerly ABC-5) station ID been this star-studded. While Channels 2 and 7 long pitted the country’s top comedy royalties Dolphy and Vic Sotto against each other, TV5 managed to put them together in one video. The SID has enough punch to challenge the two leading networks in terms of star power.

The stars in their stable represent different facets of entertainment—just like a Rubik’s cube. For comedy, we can expect the laughs to come in, courtesy of Dolphy, Joey de Leon and Vic Sotto. When it comes to news, Luchi Cruz Valdez and Cheryl Cosim lend their years of expertise to the station while Paolo Bediones embarks on a new career as a news anchor and network executive. Drama specials are, of course, the specialty of the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano. Ryan Agoncillo will continue with his hosting duties.

Although we’ve seen such big personalities like Maricel Soriano, Ruffa Gutierrez and Paolo Bediones in several productions like this before, the SID managed to present them in a fresh new way by creating and owning a unique TV5 look and feel.


Clean, minimal and sleek, the SID created a credible identity for the network as a fresh alternative for those who want to see beyond the current media scene’s clutter. The visuals are easy on the eyes, the effects are simple yet amazing and amusing. Viewers can tell that each frame and transition has been carefully planned—from the creative use of the life-sized red box, to the Rubik’s cube effect to switch from one artist to another and the passing around of the red sphere (that resembles the new TV5 logo).

The shiny cue ball, according to TV5’s communications department, indicates that the network is "ready for the finer points of Philippine TV gameplay."

The music also has a genuine organic feel to it. No shock value, just a basic, stripped down song that leans more on the acoustic genre. The lyrics may not be too powerful and in some parts of the song are a little too simplistic, but the repetition of the "Para sa’yo Kapatid" phrase can tug to the emotions. And even the last few notes of the jingle that play as the TV5 logo is shown, already leaves the viewers a certain feeling of familiarity that lingers after the SID.

This SID has the gargantuan task of reintroducing the network to the viewers. Therefore it is crucial for it to capture the viewers’ attention and connect to them in a way that will make them consider breaking their years of Kapamilya-Kapuso viewing habits. The personalities in the SID is already enough to rouse the curiosity of the viewers. But it’s the message that will make them pay attention.


The message sent by this SID is that there’s still room for something new and different in Philippine television. And of course, there’s the message that we have found ourselves a new Kapatid. But isn’t your kapatid, technically, your Kapamilya too in essence? Maybe, it’s the kind of Kapatid that goes beyond blood relations. That person could be your bro, sis, ’tol, etc. who’s not necessarily in your family tree, but is always there for you when you need a pal, and joins you when you just want to try new things and have fun.

In the next few months, we will know if the revamped TV5 will be able to deliver innovative programming for its Kapatids. So far, the SID promises viewers an exciting change in the TV landscape.

Ultimately, TV5’s station ID tells us that if artistas have more choices when it comes to work, viewers like us have more options as well.





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