Melai Cantiveros learns about the health condition of her father

Melai Cantiveros recently learned that her father has a health problem involving his throat. How will she and her boyfriend, Jason Francisco, deal with this situation?

Not long after leaving the care and the house of Big Brother, Pinoy Big Brother Double Up Big Winner Melisa "Melai" Cantiveros had to face a big problem that would test her strength and smarts in the city.

Melai brought her father Dionisio to the hospital recently to have his throat checked. According to the doctor, a large amount of money is needed to treat her dad’s ailment.

What will she do about this? And will her sweetypie Jason Francisco be able to help her in her predicament? Find out this week in Melason In Da City, from Monday to Friday, 10 am on ABS-CBN.

After a brief stay in fellow ex-housemate Rica’s house, the "Prinsesa at Prinsipe ng Masa" have already found their new homes in the city. See how Melai and Jason adjust to their independent lives now that they are on their own in their respective abodes. They will also have to deal with living alone and their new neighbors.


Join them as they continue reaching for their dreams in Melason In Da City, Monday to Friday, 10 am on ABS-CBN with replays at 6:30 pm on Studio 23.


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