Karen Davila will join the trail of councilors for The Correspondents

Karen Davila will also feature the struggles of aspiring politician Ogie Diaz in the April 13 episode of The Correspondents .

Given the budget and perks they receive on the job, councilors are said to be like "little congressmen." And with the great number of people running for this position in municipalities and cities, some people are skeptical about their true intentions.

This Tuesday (April 13) on The Correspondents, Karen Davila will follow the campaign of several aspiring councilors and uncover how some councilors abuse their power.

If congressmen pass laws, councilors pass ordinances that take effect in their respective districts. They also receive their version of the "pork barrel," which could reach up to P43 million per councilor.

The little congressmen also get allowances and bonuses apart from their salary, which is roughly P40,000 a month.

One aspiring councilor is showbiz writer Ogie Diaz, who is not part of any political party. According to him, he will use his connections in showbiz to level the playing field.

Diaz is just one of many people running for councilor this election season. Are they running to serve the public or themselves?


Find out in Karen Davila’s report this Tuesday (April 13) on The Correspondents after Bandila on ABS-CBN.


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