Lone Jabidah massacre survivor will speak up on I Survived

Tausug Jibin Arula will recall the horrific Jabidah massacre that took place in 1968. Watch him tell his tale during the April 15 episode of I Survived, hosted by Ces Oreña-Drilon (photo above).

Over four decades ago, Tausug Jibin Arula escaped one of the most controversial and gruesome killings in the history of the Philippines: the Jabidah massacre.

Join Ces OreƱa-Drilon this Thursday (April 15), as she helps Arula reopen the wounds and remember the darkest days of his life and his thrilling escape from death on I Survived, right after Bandila on ABS-CBN.

Arula was one of 200 hundred Filipinos recruited and trained by the military to reclaim the island of Sabah. The recruits (who were then based in Corregidor) were set to file a petition to then President Ferdinand Marcos to fight for their benefits. However, on March 18, 1968, the Muslim recruits were lined up and fired with bullets.

Jibin ran, fell into a ravine, and used a piece of wood to swim away from Corregidor island. With the help of several politicians, he was able to expose his bloody experience.

Catch I Survived this Thursday (April 15) right after Bandila on ABS-CBN. .



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