Four new characters are introduced in Panday Kids

Cousins Katrina Halili (left) and Sheena Halili are introduced in Panday Kids as warriors named Wenoa and Oxana. Sheena plays a kontrabida as well as Rob Sy and Miguel Tanfelix.

The exploits of the Panday Kids will reach new heights as new characters join the superheroes in their future adventures.

One of GMA Network’s sexiest stars, Katrina Halili, joins the cast in a very special role as Wenoa, a warrior from the mystic world who will help the Panday Kids in their quest to reach the mystical cave of Talim. She is a skilled fighter and acts as one of the allies of Hadji, Charlie and Oliver.

Joining the telefantasya are Sheena Halili as Oxana, former Survivor Philippines castaway Rob Sy as Barbaro and Miguel Tanfelix as Sintoy. They are the followers of Andreas (Ryan Eigenmann) who will assist him in destroying and killing the Panday Kids. Oxana, Barbaro and Sintoy are well-armed, vicious and dangerous fighters.

All four characters bring a new level of excitement to the adventures of the main leads of Panday Kids: Julian Trono as Hadji, Sabrina Man as Charlie and Robert "Buboy" Villar as Oliver.


Meanwhile, the feats of Hadji, Charlie and Oliver get more interesting and entertaining as they continue their journey to the world of magic and fantasy. More high adventure scenes await viewers as the lead characters use all their strength and powers to reach their destination and fulfill their mission.

Who will be their foes and friends on their journey towards the cave of Talim? Can they defeat Oxana, Barbaro and Sintoy?

Panday Kids airs weeknights right after 24 Oras on GMA Telebabad.


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