Six housemates nominated for eviction in PBB Teen Clash of 2010

(Top row) Tricia Santos and Potz Jalosjos of the Apartment Team are nominated for eviction while (bottom row, from left) Angelo Pasco, Eslove Briones, Patrick Sugui and Maichel Fideles of the Villa Team are also nominated for eviction.

Only on its first week since its debut, sparks started to fly and snotty remarks were exchanged from the camps of the Apartment Team and Villa Team.

Teeming with spunk and a "get up and go" air, the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 went through Kuya’s first weekly task called "Milking the Goat." It was a test of teamwork, speed and spirit. Each team was assigned a goat to "milk" and take care of for several days. "Goatee" was put under the care of Villa Team while "Beh" became Apartment Team’s resident "goat master."

On the last day of each goat’s stay, Kuya asked the teams to prepare a ceremonial send-off. Apartment Team did a cheer dance number while Villa Team showcased a song and dance routine. Afterwards, the milk collected from both goats was measured. The Villa Team was declared the winner; the group yielded 4.1 liters of milk. 3.35 liters of milk was only produced by the other team, much to their disappointment.


"Facebook-O" was another challenge that the teams have to undertake. Each team should try to correctly match the baby pictures with the current pictures from the other team. Both teams had a difficult time doing this task. The losing team will "lose" one of its team members for possible eviction. And in this particular challenge, Apartment team emerged as the winner. Apartment Team nominated Shey Bustamante from the Villa Team for possible eviction.

The result deeply troubled the Villa team members. Joe Vargas, Angelo Pasco and Kyra Custodio spoke to Kuya and requested for a task to be done in order to "save" Shey from eviction. Kuya suggested to both teams to engage in a water volleyball challenge. The "prize" for each team is different; soft beds for the Apartment Team while Shey’s salvation for the Villa Team. Villa Team’s sheer determination led to victory.

Kuya announced to both teams the first nomination night for possible eviction. This instantly gave jitters to all the teen housemates. Each of the housemates voted for two members. Those who gained the highest scores are Tricia Santos and Potz Jalosjos from the Apartment Team; Eslove Briones, Angelo and Patrick Suigui were the nominated ones from the Villa Team. Maichel Fideles, on the other hand, earned an "automatic nomination" from Big Brother due to violation of his house rules.


Find out who will be Kuya’s first evictees next Saturday, April 24. Catch Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 every night on ABS-CBN.


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