Join Gelli de Belen’s Ocean Adventure in Zooperstars

Gelli de Belen joins Sabrina Man and Julian Trono in the April 25 episode of Zooperstars, which was shot in Ocean Adventure in Subic.

Swim and splash with startling sea creatures this Sunday, April 25, as Zooperstars takes you to Ocean Adventure in Subic, the only open-water marine park in Southeast Asia.

Join Panday Kids’ Julian Trono and Sabrina Man as they dance and play with dolphins thrice their size. See these friendly mammals flip, jump and spin their way for the benefit of viewers.

Then catch the rare sight of Gelli De Belen kissing a sea lion in the lips! Judge for yourselves if their skills in acting, dancing and most especially, coaxing are that impressive for Gelli to bequeath them a loving kiss.

Embrace marine life further by hanging out at the World of Discovery Aquarium. Spot schools of fish in their most vibrant of colors, strangest of shapes, and most unbelievable of sizes. Take a peek at their pristine habitats and at the same time, discover the simple yet highly-effective ways of preserving them.

And to boost the adventure to the fullest, Gelli, Julian and Sab will dive together and uncover the wonders of Camayan Beach Resort. Get to see the corals underneath the ocean and some ship wrecks that have been under the sea since World War II.

The unforgettable ocean adventure in Zooperstars starts this Sunday, April 25, after AHA! on GMA-7.





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