Claudine Barretto plays a mentally challenged mother in GMA-7’s anthology show

Claudine Barretto (in photo) will be joined by Angelika dela Cruz and Jackie Lou Blanco in the April 24 episode of Claudine titled "Ina-inahan, Anak-anakan."

This Saturday, April 24, on Claudine, the actress plays a mentally-challenged orphan cared for by her older sister. One night, she gets raped by an unknown man and eventually gets pregnant. She gives birth to a baby girl and enjoys many of the aspects of motherhood.

But when the sister realizes she may not live that long to always ensure that Claudine takes care of her daughter the right way, she seriously considers giving up the child for adoption because of Claudine’s condition. The older sister finds a promising foster mother in a childless doctor who works at the center.

Just as the doctor begins to get attached to Claudine’s daughter, Claudine tries to fight for her right as a mother and has to prove herself worthy of being one. Will she overcome the obstacles despite her difficult condition?

Angelika dela Cruz, Jackie Lou Blanco, Edwin Reyes, and Marcus Madrigal join Claudine Barretto in this episode titled "Ina-inahan, Anak-anakan" directed by Andoy Ranay this Saturday, April 24, after Pinoy Records on GMA-7.



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