Q Channel 11 launches comedy show I Laugh Sabado, April 24

The gang of Q Channel 11’s comedy gag show, I Laugh Sabado, will invade weekend primetime starting tomorrow, April 24. (From upper left, clockwise) Paolo Paraiso, Jan Manual, Wally Bayola, Archie Alemania, Janna Dominguez, Alfred Marquez and Gee Canlas.

Expect gags, skits, parodies, sketches, and music—all rolled into one by Q Channel 11’s newest Saturday primetime offering, I Laugh Sabado.

The template behind the local program is not hard to trace and the cast members themselves are upfront in pointing at the iconic American sketch show Saturday Night Live as inspiration.

But it won’t be fair of course to label I Laugh Sabado as merely an imitation. Taking a comic stab at Filipino pop culture, the gang of Wally Bayola, Paolo Paraiso, Gee Canlas, Jana Dominguez, Jan Manual, Alfred Marquez, and Archie Alemania are sure to keep the viewers in stitches with sketches local viewers could definitely relate to.

"Merong mga scenarios tackling society and politics pero, siyempre, we twist it to make it light and funny," Gee Canlas told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a recent conversation at Dulcinea restaurant on Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Comedian Archie Alemania considers the show a dream come true. Curiously, Archie has never done a regular gag show before, despite being a comedy-circuit veteran.


"As a comedian dito makikita ang talent mo in different characters. Although you do comedy also pag sa sitcom, pero sa gag show kasi iba-iba ’yong characters na gagawin mo. Nag-babae ako dito—hindi as a bakla but as babae—as a vain guy, as a reporter, as a new anchor. Maraming puwedeng laruin and dito mo kasi makikita ’yong kakayahan mo as a comedy actor kung versatile ka talaga," Archie explained.

Sketches and parodies with social and political undertone are different compared to slapstick comedy in that the former subtly offer criticism and commentary sans the hard-sell approach.

I Laugh Sabado will feature guest bands every week to provide live entertainment. The Bloomfields will rock I Laugh Sabado’s April 24 debut. Guest celebrity Rhian Ramos will showcase her comic side.

On its premiere, the program will make fun of Mexican telenovelas and Korenovela’s tongue-in-cheek quirkiness. The show is directed by Bibeth Orteza.


Catch the first episode of I Laugh Sabado tomorrow, April 24 (Saturday), at 8:30 p.m. on Q Channel 11.


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