Joross Gamboa and Jackie Rice talk about their kissing scene in Tisay

Joross Gamboa and Jackie Rice are paired together in the sexy-drama Dear Friend presents Tisay. This GMA-7 show airs every Sunday right after Party Pilipinas. (CLICK HERE to view photos of the cast members of Tisay )

During the media launch of Dear Friend’s season-ender titled Tisay, Joross Gamboa jokingly said that his favorite scene in this GMA-7 show was when he shot his kissing scene with Jackie Rice.

"Simple lang yung kiss pero parang ang tagal," describes Joross. "Parang huminto yung mundo namin...Sayang nga, parang gusto ko pa tuloy extra rice. Ulam na yung kiss, e!"

When asked to describe his leading lady’s lips, Joross said, "May parang malambot na strawberry... parang kinakagat ko yung paborito kong prutas. Malambot yung lips ni Jackie and kaya nasabi ko kaninang solve ako kaya nasabi ko kaninang favorite ko si Direk [Jun Lana] kasi may iba’t ibang anggulo kasi yung shot na yun."

For her part, Jackie says that the lips of Joross taste like sugar.

SYNOPSIS. The veiled truths behind Jackie Rice’s double life will be exposed as the drama intensifies in Dear Friend presents Tisay.


This Sunday, after some initial hesitation, Ella (Jackie) falls for Adrian’s (Joross Gamboa) charm and persistence. He spends time with her family and soon, the two become a couple.

Adrian asks Ella if he could drive her home from work but she always refuses, in fear that he will discover her secret life.

Ella wants to give up her work in the club and confess everything to Adrian. She can’t afford to hide the truth and break his heart.

Just when she finally decides to end her double life, Ella finds out that Adrian’s father is one of her regular customers.

How will Ella face the consequences of this shocking situation? Will Adrian give their love a second chance?

Don’t miss Part 2 of Tisay on Dear Friend this Sunday, April 25, right after Party Pilipinas on GMA-7.


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