Melason Promdi Heart airs finale episodes this week

For the final week of Melason Promdi Heart, Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco help out street children during their show.

From friends to lovers to foes?

Melisa "Melai" Cantiveros and Jason Francisco are gearing up for a face-off in the final week of Melason Promdi Heart on ABS-CBN. But before Melason fans begin to worry, this "battle" is for a good cause.

Once again, the "Prinsesa at Prinsipe ng Masa" are bringing fun and joy to the ordinary people who have helped them reach stardom. Last week, the couple helped the families of two halo-halo vendors in a game. This time they are playing with street children.

Through the help of Big Utol, the wacky twosome found a group of young Filipino kids to help. Part of their charity work is to lead them in a series of games prepared by Big Brother’s cool younger sibling.

In the past weeks, viewers followed Melisa and Jason as they got used to independent living in the city. Bent to give their families comfortable lives, the two have been working hard and supporting each other in sickness and in health. Now that they are reaching their dreams one by one, they also want to extend help to the people who brought them to stardom.


Find out which team will win—Team Melai or Team Jason—in the final week of Melason Promdi Heart, 10 am from Monday to Friday on ABS-CBN with replays at 6:30 pm on Studio 23.


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