Soldiers aim to become a maestro in Queen Seon Deok

Yu-Shin (in photo) of Queen Seon Deok is one of the soldiers competing in final two rounds of the "maestro competition."

Challenges will become twice as gruesome. Tolerance will be push to the limits because beginning Thursday, April 28, Hwarangs (soldiers) of Queen Seon Deok, are set to enter the final two rounds of the "maestro competition."

Being named "maestro" or "chief soldier" means blood and honor. It means having the capability to not just fight but fulfill the Kingdom of Silla’s cause until the very end. For a soldier of the 6th century, it means everything.

But then, everything comes with a price. And in Korea, this includes, but is not limited to, answering the "unearth-able" mental question, "What is the third meaning behind Silla’s name?" and conquering the final round of physical battle where only one out of the 32 iron-willed soldiers will be named triumphant of all.

Princess Deok Man (the young Queen Seon Deok) roots for Yu-Shin, a handsome hero who is torn between love and duty. The megalomaniac Mi-Shil supports Bo-Jong, his dangerously cunning son who snatched an easy victory in the first round. Headmaster Munno, on the other hand, has other "rulers" in mind.


The agonizing obstacles coupled with the ominously intimidating contenders, how will Princess Deok Man and Yu-Shin uncover the answer to the second question? Even so, can Yu-Shin survive the gruesome physical final round where soldiers are bigger and stronger than he?

And as if the battle could not get any more intense, a fighter from an important bloodline will join the competition. Await how he will change mindsets and twist reality.

Watch all these and more in GMA-7’s top Koreanovela, Queen Seon Deok, right after Diva.


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