Rico Robles will be one of the bachelors in Take Me Out

Host-DJ Rico Robles (in photo) and entrepreneur-magician JB dela Cruz are the two bachelors who try to impress ladies in the GMA-7 reality dating show Take Me Out.

The dating arena heats up with two new bachelors looking for love in GMA-7’s reality dating show, Take Me Out.

This Thursday, April 29, host-DJ Rico Robles and entrepreneur-magician JB dela Cruz take centerstage as they impress 30 single ladies with their antics and funny videos about themselves.

Who will make a knock-out impression among the gorgeous women? How many ladies will leave their lights on for Rico and JB? Will the first blackout happen on this episode?

And on Friday, April 30, watch the exclusive coverage of the dates of the winning couples Skater boy and girl Laura & Al, sporty and artsy couple Alfie & Viva, music lovers Aaron & Edan, good looking couple Gino & Elizabeth, and fun couple Benedict & Jonette.

Take Me Out is hosted by the Platinum Prince of Soul Jay-R which airs from Monday to Friday at 5 p.m. on GMA-7.


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