Dennis Trillo joins summer special of Bubble Gang

Dennis Trillo (in photo), Kevin Santos and Princess Violago are special guests in the two-part summer special of Bubble Gang shot in Canyon Cove in Batangas.

Bubble Gang celebrates summer with a two-part special airing this Friday, April 30, on GMA-7.

Join the award-winning comedians of GMA-7’s gag show as they revel in the summer heat at Canyon Cove in Batangas with guests Kevin Santos, Princess Violago, and Dennis Trillo.

For this week’s gags, find out how to properly (or improperly) rescue a person who is drowning.

Then, let four rich kids teach you how to stage a rally, elite-style. While ordinary people go on hunger strikes, find out what the privileged do when fighting for a cause.

In a sketch called "Ba’t Ganon?" learn from a list of one-liners on life’s mediocrity.

Get to know the "Dancing Action Star," an action star who refuses to dance but ends up doing most of the dance sequences in a scene.

All these and more will be shown on the first installment of the two-part summer special of Bubble Gang this Friday, April 30, after GMA Telebabad.



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