Claudine Barretto teams up with Dennis Trillo in Claudine episode about junkies

Dennis Trillo and Claudine Barretto portray characters who are drug dependents in the Claudine episode titled "Bingit ng Kaligayahan."

This Saturday, May 1, Claudine Barretto will have Kapuso actor Dennis Trillo as her leading man in the next episode of her drama anthology.

In this episode, Claudine plays an ex-junkie who is about to marry her boyfriend (Kier Legaspi). But Sandra’s (Claudine) seemingly happy life hits a crossroad when her former boyfriend Jed (Dennis Trillo) steps into the picture.

It turns out that the two of them were former drug addicts until their families intervened. The only difference is that Sandra was able to recover, unlike Jed who continues to lead a delinquent lifestyle. Sandra is consumed by guilt so she offers Jed some help as well as her friendship.

However, not only does she find herself still in love with her ex-lover, she also ends up taking the rough road back to self-destruction.

This episode titled "Bingit ng Kaligayahan" also stars Rio Locsin and Lloyd Samartino and is directed by Andoy Ranay. It airs this Saturday after Pinoy Records on GMA-7.



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