Claudine Barretto depicts a surrogate mother this Saturday, May 8

Claudine Barretto (in photo) will be joined by Carmina Villarroel in the May 8 episode of Claudine titled "Babymaker."

A devoted mother to her two children Santino and Sabina, and once a foster parent to almost a dozen babies all at the same time, Claudine Barretto reveals another side of motherhood as she portrays the role of a babymaker in her GMA-7 drama anthology this Saturday, May 8.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Claudine touches on the controversial topic of surrogate motherhood, an arrangement for a woman to bear a child who will later on be raised by others.

Salve (Claudine Barretto) was once hired to carry the child of a rich couple. Years later, she finds herself alone and terminally ill. With no family or friends to turn to, Salve began to yearn for the baby she gave up a long time ago and searches for the family who adopted him.

She eventually finds their home and applies as a yaya so she can finally be with her child before she dies. The wife (Carmina Villarroel) had no idea that the nanny she just hired is the real mother of the child as it was only her husband who made the arrangement in the past with Salve.

Rowena soon discovers the truth when her husband comes home from a business trip and finds Salve in their home. They accuse Salve of trying to steal the child and send her to prison. However, upon learning the truth about Salve’s illness, the couple finally allowed Salve to make her final days count by being with her child.

Also in the cast are Joko Diaz, Renz Valerio and Lovely Rivero.

Titled Babymaker, this touching story about motherhood directed by Joyce Bernal will air this Saturday, May 8, after Pinoy Records on GMA-7.





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