Zoren Legaspi will host Q Channel 11’s Kitchen Battles

Zoren Legaspi will host Q Channel 11’s weekly cooking face-off, Kitchen Battles, which will air every Sunday night beginning May 16, 2010.

Exemplary culinary skills filled with a good serving of suspense, a dash of heart-warming scenes, and topped with a new flavor of excitement: this is the perfect mix for Kitchen Battles, Q Channel 11’s newest cooking show which is set to air this Sunday, May 16.

With host Zoren Legaspi, annotator Issa Litton, and chef judge Sau del Rosario, Kitchen Battles features a good mix of professional chefs from prestigious hotels and restaurants and a bevy of chefs who have their own businesses who make up the show’s twelve "Chef Warriors."

Every week, two of these twelve Chef Warriors face each other in the kitchen battlefield with the goal to cancel each other out in a cook off. Using ingredients that are only revealed to them on the actual competition, the chefs come up with recipes on the spot and cook them under time pressure.

There are three rounds of cook offs per week, with Zoren acting as the mastermind of the battles. Issa annotates what each chef is doing, while three judges—French-trained Chef Sau, Zoren, and a guest judge—keep track of the recipes and give the verdict. Criteria for judging are taste (5 knives), originality (1 knife), plating and presentation (1 knife), and creative use of star ingredients (3 knives). Winners advance to the next round of eliminations until one is proclaimed as the ultimate Chef Warrior.

For Kitchen Battles’ pilot episode this Sunday, celebrity Chef Warriors Danica Sotto and Martin Jickain heed the challenge, armed with the star ingredients, to come up with three delectable dishes. A heartbreaking kitchen mishap involving one of the celebrity Chef Warriors adds spice to this premiere episode which might have eventually sealed the three-round kitchen battle.

Tune in to Q Channel 11 for weekly servings of Kitchen Battles, Sunday nights, 7:30 pm, beginning May 16.





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