"Wazzup Wazzup" celebrates its third anniversary on Studio 23

As part of its month-long anniversary celebration this year,Wazzup Wazzup hosts (from left) Vhong Navarro, Toni Gonzaga, and ArchieAlemania help train the next batch of spoof newscasters dubbed as Wazzup SummerZupistars.

Every weeknight, Wazzup Wazzup hosts Vhong Navarro,Toni Gonzaga, and Archie Alemania deliver news with a twist. They’ve been doingthe comical shoulder brush for three years now and they show no signs ofstopping anytime soon.

Dancer-turned-comedian Vhong can’t believe that they havelasted for this long on the air. "Kami rin po nagtataka dahil experiment langpo kasi ito ng Studio 23. [Susubukan] yung news na may gag...na may twist. Parangnakakatuwa kasi three years, parang hindi kami makapaniwala na aabot kami saganito."

Of the three original hosts, only Toni and Vhong haveremained with Wazzup Wazzup. Former co-host Drew Arellano transferred tothe Kapuso Network’s sister station, QTV-11. He was replaced by Archie, who waspreviously a tadjock or a spoof newscaster.

When asked to identify the advances made by the show for thepast three years, Toni observed that their confidence and skill in reportinghas improved remarkably. "We’re more confident when it comes to interviewing alot of politicians. That’s one thing na naimprove sa aming tatlo. We are moreconfident when also delivering news.


"We are comfortable in each other, with theset, and everyone. Parang feeling na rin namin na newscasters talaga kami,[parang] mga reporters. Pagdating namin sa set, alam na namin kung anonggagawin namin. ‘Yong familiarity meron na kami nun."

Ferry Trinidad, executive producer of Wazzup Wazzup,gives his own insights about the development of the show through the years:"Itong balita na ‘to ay hindi lang s’ya basta balita. Dinedeliver ito in such away na matatawa pa rin tayo kahit mabigat ung balita. At the end of the day,nakapagbigay kami ng ligaya sa bawat Zupista na nanonood sa Wazzup."

FOR THE LOVE OF WAZZUP. Archie narratesamusing anecdotes about his stint as a tadjock reporting from the field."Muntik po akong mabugbog. Pinalabas po ako sa House of Congress. Kasi ponagta-tumbling ako d’on habang nagsession po sila, pinalabas po ako. Inescortpa po ako palabas ng building. Tapos muntik pa akong mabugbog."


Members of the entertainment press are skeptical about histale. Archie insists: "Totoo po. Totoo po. Ang kasama ko po yung SP [segmentproducer], pinatambling po ako sa loob ng Congress. Ayun pinalabas po ako.Muntik pa akong mabugbog kasi po ininterview ko yung mga kababaihan nungeleksyon. E, mali po yung nabitawan ko, imbes na spaghetti strap... ang nasabi koT-back."

He also recalls the time when someone angrily brought out agun and tried to intimidate them during a taping. "Hindi pa po nagsisimula yunginterview namin, kasi ang tema po dapat kukuhanan namin si Keanna sa bahay n’yahabang natutulog. So, nakapantulog siya. Nakita ni...sabi niya ‘Ayos na ba yungitsura mong damit na ganyan?’

"Nag-aaway na sila. Mamaya naglabas [yung guy] ng maleta,maliit, binuksan. ‘Ano? Sige! I-roll n’yo yung camera. I-roll n’yo,’" narratesArchie. He did not disclose the name of Keanna Reeves’s partner who was ahothead.


After three years of doing the comic news routine, Tonitells PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that she still feels the need formore training.

"When I transferred to ABS-CBN, nagkaroon ako ng invitationto do the news and current affairs. Nakakatuwa. Ininvite ako to do the StarPatrol. E, I think I still need a lot of preparation and training [before] Ireally get into news and current affairs."

WAZZUP SUMMER ZUPISTAR 2007. The hip show WazzupWazzup celebrates its third anniversary with a search for the ultimate newscomedy Wazzup Summer Zupistar, which started last April 16. The wannabeswill face four major challenges: the news comedy sketch/gag, musical comedy,celebrity/politician spoof and a stand-up comedy. Finally, after five weeks ofgrueling challenges and eliminations, the ultimate Wazzup SummerZupistar will be announced live on May 18.

The show’s executive producer Ferry Trinidad explains thecriteria for judging: "It’s 50% judges plus 25% text votes and 25% managementdecision. Every week, may mga jurors, mga guest judges na na magja-judge saVTRs na ginawa ng mga Zupistars."


Meet the wacky finalists of Wazzup SummerZupistar:

1. Baby Glow Britoa.k.a. "Little Big Zupistar"
2. Camille Castello a.k.a "SossyZupistar"
3. Carvey Favis a.k.a. "ZupistarCutie"
4. Coolai Concepcion a.k.a."Rainbow Zupistar"
5. Imma Lopez a.k.a."Prankster Zupistar"
6. Jose Sarasola a.k.a."Loverboy Zupistar"
7. Kaye Padilla a.k.a. "Red HotZupistar"
8. Tikoy Caballero a.k.a."Chinoy Comedian Zupistar"

Click MORE PICTURES to view photos of the eight finalists.


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