Danz Showdown will begin this Monday, July 5

Who will be the lucky girl to join the ranks of the Sexbomb Girls? (Top row, from left) Danica, Sandy, Mae, Cheche, Grace, Jaja, (Bottom row, from left) Louise, Myca, Sunshine, Mia, Jomari. Sheena, and Joana are the girls in current roster of the all-female dance group.

How far can you go to reach your dream? Are you willing to do everything to be part of a popular dance group?

On Monday, July 5, aspiring female dancers from all over the country will have the chance to be part of the all-female dance group in the Philippines with Danz Showdown, The Search for the Next Sexbomb.

Known for their platinum hits such as "Spaghetti," "Bakit Papa" up to "Bilog na Hugis Itlog," their latest single which was lauded for being instrumental in GMA-7’s Voter Education Campaign, the Sexbomb Dancers are raring more than ever to reach new heights with a new member. Coming from humble beginnings themselves, they believe that there are many undiscovered dancers whose talents are worth seeing on television and whose dreams are worth fulfilling.

Focus E, Incorporated and GMA Network put together a dance reality show that will not only entertain but more importantly raise the standards of dancing. There will be rigorous training, unexpected challenges, various dance themes, wild transformations and a grand prize worth half a million pesos (250,000 cash and 250,000 worth of contract)--all in the name of selecting and honing the one best dancer.

Serving as the hosts the show are the Badboy of the dance floor Mark Herras and Sexbomb diva Izzy Trazona. Since the hopefuls are unavoidably budding showbiz personalities, they will be tested on and off the stage. From Monday to Friday, the duo of Mark and Izzy will update audiences about their progress, setbacks, personal issues and whatnots.


As the hopefuls bust their moves, they will be under the meticulous eye of judges composed of choreographer extraordinaire Maribeth Bechara, Sexbomb leader Rochelle Pangilinan and a surprise guest of the week. The audiences too will determine who deserves to stay via their text votes. Sexbomb guru Joy Cancio and Sexbomb adviser Presley Balili, aside from giving constant moral support, will also help in the first wave of the elimination process.

Of course, the show would not be complete without the Sexbomb Girls themselves. Together, they will test the hopefuls’ skills and determination by becoming showdown masters who will either teach or compete with the contestants.

Who will be the top 40 auditionees that will officially dance their way to stardom? Who will deliver the loudest bomb on the dance floor and grab the coveted title of Sexbomb dancer?

The first wave of the Danz Showdown begins on Monday, July 5, 10:00-10:30 am on GMA-7.





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