Witness the grand coronation of Queen Seon Deok this Monday, July 12

Princess Deokman will assume the throne in the historical drama series Queen Seon Deok, which airs weeknights on GMA-7.

On Monday, July 12, make way for the most-awaited grand coronation of Princess Deokman as Queen Seon Deok.

After weeks of arduous skirmishing, the dying king has finally bestowed the crown to the deserving Deokman. But more than just witnessing the majestic coronation, audiences must prepare for bigger twists as Queen Seon Deok mounts the next crucial steps to protect the Kingdom of Silla.

Just like every head of state, Queen Seon Deok must sagaciously solve her country’s billowing problems, at the top of which are the threats to her throne. What will she do with the ruthless traitors of Silla? Will she forgive them for their crimes or will she finally put them to death to assert her power?

Second on her list is combating corruption. Appointed as director for the commission on investigating crimes of government officials is Bidam, the handsome warrior who is madly in love with Queen Seon Deok. As he carries out his dangerous hunt for spies and plunderers, the name of chief soldier Yu-Shin will surface. Aside from being the country’s well-respected war hero, Yu-Shin is Queen Seon Deok’s one great love.

Will Queen Seon Deok give up the love of her life for her country? Find out this week in the historical drama series topbilled by Korean actress Lee Yo Won.

The reign of Queen Seon Deok starts this Monday, July 12, after Diva on GMA-7.





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