Wendy at Kian, balik-bahay sa PBB Season 2

Wendy Valdez gets an overwhelming 54.04% of the votes castby Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 viewers. She and Kian Kazemi (with 17.71% of the votes) are the"balik-bahay" (returning) housemates in the ABS-CBN reality show.

On the 12th week of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, BigBrother introduced the newest twist in the reality TV show: the "Balik-BahayBox." Four ex-housemates with very strong personalities were given the chanceto once again live inside Kuya’s House.

These ex-housemates stayed in a secret room inside the PBB house and were givena week to show viewers why they should be allowed back inside Kuya’s House. Atthe end of the week, the votes of viewers were tallied and the two persons withthe highest votes will be given the chance to win PBB Season 2.

Last night, May 19, PBB host Toni Gonzaga announcedthat Wendy Valdez received the highestnumber of votes (54.04%) followed by Kian Kazemi (17.71%), leaving Ma.Jasmin Engracia (15.64%) and Ezekiel Joshua "Zeke" Dimaguila (12.61%) in thebottom two.

Toni also revealedthat the Saturday’s result was the second season’s highest vote turnout todate.

However, the twist did not end there. Big Brother hadanother announcement that surprised even Toni.

ONE-NIGHT TENANT. Instead of asking Zeke to leave the house immediately, Big Brotherordered him to go to the confession room where he revealed that he was allowingthe 21-year-old sports entertainer wannabe to spend the night inside thehouse.

"Ikaw ay papasok ng aking bahay at haharap sa mga housemates pero ito ay saloob lang ng isang magdamag. Iminumungkahi ko na gamitin mo ang panahon na itoupang linawin ang ano mang suliranin o hindi natapos na gawain nang una kanglumabas."


Big Brother gave him the privilege tostay in the house overnight or for 24 hours, with the nine other officialhousemates. It turned out that Jasmin was also given the same opportunityas Zeke to clear the air with the other housemates.

When Zeke entered Big Brother’s house,he was met with hugs from his former housemates. How will Zeke fare tonight with the surprised housemates? And when will the lucky duo be officially out in theopen?





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