Martha Cecilia’s Kristine depicts forbidden love affairs among warring families

Martha Cecilia’s Kristine is topbilled by (from left) Zanjoe Marud0, Cristine Reyes, Denise Laurel and Rafael Rosell. While minor changes were made, the core of the story is retained for ABS-CBN’s adaptation of this pocketbook series, says director Rory B. Quintos. (CLICK HERE to watch a video of the lead stars of t

Dubbed as the most successful series in the history of Tagalog romance pocketbooks for more than 15 years now, Martha Cecilia’s Kristine depicts the sensual and passionate love stories of who must deal with the haunting secrets of their warring families.

With 53 titles released and new volumes still on the way, Kristine will be adapted for the small screen by the "Jewel of Romance" Cristine Reyes "Prince of Passion" Zanjoe Marudo, and the "Most Sensual On-screen Sweethearts" Rafael Rosell and Denise Laurel.

Martha Cecilia’s Kristine is about two people from rival families—the Fortalejos and the De Silvas—who unexpectedly fall in love with each other.

Emerald Fortalejo (Denise Laurel), the novelist who makes people believe in love through her works, decides to go to her family’s hometown, Paso de Blas. She wants to clear their father’s name of a very bad reputation that ignited the 23-year gap between her family and the De Silvas. On her way there, she met Marco De Silva (Rafael Rosell), the lawyer-heir of the De Silva industries who is bent not only on succeeding in his family’s business but is also bent on ending and winning the clan war between the Fortalejos and the De Silvas.

How does it feel to be in another Precious Hearts Romance adaptation after their successful pairing in Midnight Phantom?

"It’s a great feeling, parang pagkatapos ng Phantom, ’eto naman. So, parang nagtatrabaho lagi. It really feels good to play different characters. And of course it’s a blessing. Yung feeling na nagtitiwala ang management sa iyo. Iba talaga... we’re super grateful. Endless gratitude talaga," Rafael told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other members of the media who attended the press conference held last August 10 at the 9501 Restaurant in the ABS-CBN compound.

"Sa amin po, after Midnight Phantom, sana po masundan namin ng something good din. So we’re really working hard. Of course being directed by Direk Rory. Sana po magustuhan ng lahat ang gagawin namin dito," said Denise.


After not hearing from her sister Emerald for days, Jewel Fortalejo (Cristine Reyes) decides to go after her older sister. On her way there, she met Jaime Reyes (Zanjoe Marudo), the De Silva farmhand who played along with Jewel’s charade for her to gain entry to the De Silva farm.

They pretended to be a married couple as Jewel tries to find Emerald. Jaime, who came all the way from Negros, returned to Paso de Blas upong learning that the De Silva’s azucarera business is in deep financial trouble. He wants to return the favor to the family who helped his own family survive poverty. As a result, he is willing to do everything to in his power to protect the De Silvas.

Cristine has only good words for her leading man, "Si Zanjoe, very gentleman. Hindi ko napi-feel talaga na, lalo na pag may intimate scenes, hindi siya nagte-take advantage."

When asked if she finds Zanjoe sexy, Cristine answered, "Yeah, very sensual nga, e. Lalo na tahimik, hindi mo alam kung ano ang... basta very mysterious siya."

In the August 8 episode of the showbiz talkshow Showbiz News Ngayon, Cristine compared Zanjoe to the juicy and delicious dish porkchop. (CLICK HERE to read related story)

During the Kristine presscon, the hunky Kapamilya actor was asked to compare his leading lady to a dish and he responded by saying, "Bangus. Kasi matinik... matinik sa boys! Kasi pinagpapantasyahan ng mga boys, hahaha!" laughed the former college basketball player turned model-actor.

In breathing life to Martha Cecilia’s Kristine, Director Rory Quintos admitted that they changed a few things for its TV adaptation.

"We retained the spine of the book, and we created a lot of branches. Because we are very aware, that the readers have preconceived ideas of how the story should run and how it should look like. And of course, what’s nice about television is there a lot of little surprises along the way. Mahu-hook talaga ang mga tao. Like some minor characters in the book, we created back stories and gave them their own storylines. We changed a few things among these four [the main characters]. So I think magugulat na lang ang mga tao along the way. While the original spine is there, there are still a lot of surprises along the way," she assured the public.


Martha Cecilia’s Kristine will start airing on Monday, August 16, 2010, on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. The show’s theme song titled "Ngayon at Kailanman" is performed by Vina Morales.





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