JejeMom star Buboy Villar recovers from dengue

Buboy Villar’s character in JejeMom, G-Boy, shows a fondness for Barbie dolls and makeup. How will his mother (portrayed by Eugene Domingo) deal with this situation?

Child actor Buboy Villar, contrary to previous reports, is on his way to recovery after contracting Dengue fever. The youngest cast member of GMA-7’s comedy series JejeMom is a patient in the UST Hospital, where he is being treated along with his brother who also caught the disease.

Buboy sends his appreciation and love to everyone who prayed for his quick recovery. Among those who paid him a visit is Kapuso actress Marian Rivera with whom he had a chance to work with in the fantaserye Darna.

In the September 4 episode of JejeMom, Buboy’s character sends mixed signals to his mother Gigi (Eugene Domingo). Gigi finds herself questioning her son’s gender preferences after noticing his fondness for Barbie dolls, make-up and other girly stuff.

Still, Gigi loves G-Boy unconditionally but couldn’t help but wonder if she has something to do with his son’s homosexual tendencies. Gigi even enlists the help of Dindo (Wendell) who tries to get G-Boy to toughen up by engaging him to try ball games.


Bunny (Gellie de Belen), meanwhile, offers to throw Gigi a welcome party. Though hesitant at first, Gigi’s family accepts the proposal and is greeted by Winston a.k.a. Lady Gangsta (Ricky Davao).

Now that they’ve finally met, will Gigi and Winston/Lady Gangsta recognize each other despite trying to conceal their real identities? Is G-Boy gay or just too in touch with his feminine side?

Catch all these and more in JejeMom this Saturday after Kaya Ng Powers on GMA-7.


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