Mi Nam almost reveals her secret love in He’s Beautiful

ABS-CBN’s Asianovela He’s Beautiful, starring Mi Nam and Tae Kyung, topped daytime programs last September 7-8, based on data from Kantar Media.

Viewers can feel the Asianovela fever once more with ABS-CBN’s newest idol drama He’s Beautiful. It topped all daytime programs in the national TV ratings based on data provided by Kantar Media for September 7 and 8.

Weekday afternoons definitely get even more beautiful for Pinoy Kpop fans as A.N.Jell band members Tae Kyung, Shin Woo, Jeremy, and Mi Nam grace local television to bring comedy and romance to their fans.

The story heats up even more this week as Tae Kyung joins Mi Nam to visit her home town. Due to unexpected circumstances, Tae Kyung will get lost in the woods and Mi Nam will come to his rescue. As they spend time in the woods, Mi Nam takes the opportunity to tell Tae Kyung how she’s falling for one of the A.N.Jell members.

Even before Mi Nam can reveal that it’s him she is talking about, Yoo He Yi suddenly enters the picture and interrupts the moment.


Back in the city, Mi Nam undergoes her first recording where she suddenly breaks down because of her intensifying feelings for Tae Kyung--feelings Tae Kyung thought was for his fellow band member Shin Woo.

Will Tae Kyung finally give in to his feelings? How will Shin Woo react once he learns of his co-members falling for the girl he also cares for?

He’s Beautiful
airs weekdays at 5:30 PM on ABS-CBN.


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