Ryan Agoncillo’s character attracts unwanted attention in TV5’s Lady Dada

In Lady Dada, Ryan Agoncillo (in photo) is forced to disguise himself as a woman in order to become close to his wife and kid. However, his "dazzling" look captures the heart of his wife’s brother Henry (played by Roderick Paulate), who starts wooing the drag queen.

In order to win his son Miko and wife Rina (Mylene Dizon) back, Dindo (Ryan Agoncillo) disguises himself as Dada, a gorgeous woman who is game to perform as a drag queen in a bar owned by Rina and ex-suitor Brian (Ryan Eigenmann).

While he’s slowly getting closer to his family, the problems of Dada become even more complicated when Henry (Roderick Paulate), Rina’s brother, becomes attracted to the drag queen.

Not knowing Dada’s real identity, Henry goes all out in courting the drag queen. On the other hand, Dada tries to skip irksome Henry and his constant hang-out invites for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, Dada is somehow relieved as he gets reunited with Miko and Rina on a vacation. But with Brian in the picture, can he still win Rina’s heart back? Or will Rina end up with her ex-suitor Brian?

Catch Ryan Agoncillo’s most challenging role yet in Lady Dada, which airs every Wednesday at 8 pm on TV’5 Primetimes5.



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