UFC champ Georges St-Pierre (GSP) gives a sample of his moves

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion Georges St-Pierre (center) danced to the clamor of the "madlang people" on Showtime. He will have a mixed-martial arts clinic this Saturday at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall at 2:30 pm. With him are Showtime hosts Teddy (left), Vice Ganda (middle) and Jugs (partially hidden).

No one, not even UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) champ Georges St-Pierre or GSP, escaped the clamor of the "madlang people" for a sample dance number in ABS-CBN’s Showtime earlier today, September 24.

All in the spirit of fun, GSP moved to the beat of the music and of his screaming fans.

He is here in Manila for a three-day visit to promote UFC on Balls Channel. He had a press con, guestings in both TV and radio and will have a public training at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall at 2:30 pm.

His December 11 (December 12 in the Philippines) fight with challenger Josh Koscheck will be broadcast locally by Balls Channel SkyCable 34.


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