Learn why Filipinos are charged with high electricity bills in Journo

Luchi Cruz-Valdes presents an in-depth analysis on issues involving rising electric bills and a questionable Land Transportation Office (LTO) transaction.

As soon as the news on power rates hike hits the newscast, Filipinos’ temper rises in no time. And while the electric bills are delivered to every household in detail, figures are much too technical for the common Juan to understand. With the looming increase of power rates in October, consumers are left complaining about their bills.

Headed by Luchi Cruz-Valdes, Journo talks to Business Mirror columnist Marvin Tort to know his viewpoint on why Filipinos are charged with high electricity bills this Tuesday, September 28, at 10 pm.

Meanwhile, Journo also looks into the case of Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) procurement of drivers’ licenses from the Amalgamated Motors, Inc. without going through a transparent and competitive public bidding. Philippine Star columnist and UP professor Alex Magno explains to viewers why the procurement of driver’s license is not a small deal.

Watch an in-depth analysis of issues explained by columnists on Journo, which airs every Tuesday at 10 pm on TV5.



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