Shining Inheritance to be aired anew, Temptation of Wife will premiere on GMA-7

Two Korean shows will premiere on Monday, October 4, on GMA-7: the funny and romantic Shining Inheritance Rewind (above) and the intriguing drama Temptation of Wife.

Beginning October 4, GMA Network airs two heartwarming Asianovelas that will pull the heartstrings of the viewers for its love stories. The Kapuso Network will air the Philippine premiere of Temptation of Wife and the rewind of the series, Shining Inheritance Revisited.

Relive the magical moment of finding love in the most unexpected places every morning with Korea’s No. 1 Drama for 2009, Shining Inheritance. This modern-day Korean series features the sweet romance between an unlikely couple who starts out as bickering rivals, and end up falling for each other.

Viewers will empathize anew with the strong-willed heroine named Inna (Han Hyo Joo) who, after her father’s death, lost everything including her autistic brother, Nono (Eun Woo).

Though she is going through a hard time, Inna persevered to earn money while looking for Nono. She befriends an old lady on the street who turned out to be a CEO of a big restaurant chain. Owing to Inna’s innate kindness, the old woman takes her in and makes her heir of the family’s company.

What Inna did not know was that her grandson is Juan (Lee Seung Ki), the man whom she switched bags with at the airport and the one responsible for Nono’s disappearance. They are forced to live together in a house believing they are each other’s nemesis.

How will Inna and Juan realize that they care about each other more than their personal struggles? When the time comes for Inna to decide between her goals and her love for Juan, which would she choose?

Meanwhile, every afternoon, viewers will discover the bittersweet feeling of seeking revenge on an unfaithful husband and a scheming best friend with Korea’s top daytime drama, Temptation of Wife.

Presently airing in Taiwan, this drama is the comeback project of Jang Sung Hee, the lead star of Irene.


Angeline Goo (Jang Seo Hee) graduated from a prestigious art university but due to her untimely pregnancy, she marries her arrogant boyfriend Marcel Jung (Byun Woo Min) and left with no choice but to give up on her dreams of becoming a make up artist.

Although her marriage is void of happiness, Angeline tries to be an excellent wife to her husband, and takes good care of her in-laws. However, she soon learns that the life she chooses is full of lies and betrayals.

Angeline’s best friend, Heidi Shin (Kim Seo Hyung) openly flirts with her husband Marcel. Soon, she discovers that Marcel is cheating on her and shocked to learn of Heidi’s treachery.

Marcel and Heidi attempted to kill Angeline and disguised her death as suicide. But by a twist of fate, Angeline survives and is back for revenge. She presumes the identity of another woman and plots vengeance against Marcel and Heidi.

How will Marcel react to a woman who looks exactly like his supposed dead wife, Angeline? Will Angeline get the payback she deserves?

Watch the unfolding of two different doses of romance beginning Monday, October 4, with Shining Inheritance Revisited right after Shaman King and Temptation of Wife right before Bantatay weekdays on GMA-7.





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