Glaiza de Castro gets lovestruck with Geoff Eigenmann in Grazilda

An accidental kiss triggers Grazilda’s (Glaiza de Castro) feelings for Eric (Geoff Eigenmann). He, however, is infatuated with another girl. How will Grazilda win Eric’s heart? Find out in Grazilda, tonight after Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown.

The dramatic revelations in GMA’s top-rating telefantasya, Grazilda, continue to keep viewers spellbound as she finds herself love-struck with the man she greatly loathes.

As Grazilda (Glaiza de Castro) sets off on her love quest, her heartfelt desire to come face to face with her Prince Charming was suddenly made real after Eric’s (Geoff Eigenmann) accidental kiss. She’s completely in love with Eric but he thinks otherwise. He considers her just a friend and confesses that he is smitten with someone else.

Grazilda leaves Eric and returns to Fernando’s mansion. She uses her magical necklace to check the condition of her family in Fantasia. Cindy and Veronne once again mistreat her and Grazilda realizes how she cruelly abused and humiliated Cinderella before in Fantasia.

Eric reveals to Grazilda that he is infatuated with Cindy (Yasmien Kurdi). This confession shatters her heart and she is forced to admit her true feelings to Eric. Cindy, meanwhile, dumps Eric after discovering his close ties with Grazilda.

How far will Grazilda go to get the attention of Eric? Will Eric change his mind and fall for Grazilda? How will Fairy Godmother punish Grazilda?

Meanwhile, Grazilda remains to be one of the most watched primetime soaps of the Kapuso Network based on data from AGB Nielsen.

Grazilda airs weeknights right after Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown on GMA Telebabad.





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