Andi Eigenmann shows her versatility through Your Song presents Andi

Young actress Andi Eigenmann has been dubbed the "Heiress of Drama" by her home network, ABS-CBN. She will show her versatility through 8 episodes of Your Song, which will begin airing this Sunday, October 10.

ABS-CBN gives Your Song a different touch by transforming the mini-series into an avenue where the new generation of stars can share their exceptional acting skills. The first installment will feature the young actress dubbed as Heiress of Drama, Andi Eigenmann.

In her top rating primetime series before, Andi showed a dual personality by portraying twin sisters Agua and Bendita. The same show proved everyone that she’s more than Jaclyn Jose’s daughter.

Now it’s time for Andi to show her different facets by bringing life to extreme roles that she has not yet done. Andi is bound to render eight challenging characters faced with various issues such as dysfunctional family, peer pressure and teenage pregnancy which will be also directed by eight directors like Erick Salud (director of I Love Betty La Fea and Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo) and Tots Sanchez (resident director of Your Song and Agua Bendita).

On her first week, Andi’s acting prowess will be tested as she comes face-to-face with her mother, Jaclyn. "Masaya akong makasama ulit si mommy sa screen. The mother-daughter relationship here in the story is very different from how we really are off cam," said Andi when asked about working with her mom.

A unique story will be witnessed by viewers as Andi gives life to a daughter who has never seen her mother, resulting to bitterness and resentment. The two will be reunited but in the most unlikely place: prison.

Aside from Jaclyn Jose, Andi will be working with various actors who have already established themselves in the entertainment industry. She will also be working with Xyriel Manabat who portrayed young Agua and Bendita, and is known for her ghostly role in Momay.

Watch the Heiress of Drama as she unveils her acting prowess in Your Song presents Andi starting this Sunday, October 10, after ASAP XV.






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