Kris Bernal searches for love and self-identity in Sinenovela’s Koreana

21-year-old Kris Bernal will lead the cast of Sinenovela’s newest and first original offering, Koreana. Kris will assume the role of a strong-willed but kind Korean-Filipino named Jenna, who dreams of returning to her roots and reuniting with her biological family. This original series will be shown on GMA Pinoy TV starting October 14.

Kris Bernal never imagined playing a foreigner on screen. For one, the 21-year-old actress cited her features, which are noticeably very Filipino.

"Hindi nga po ako singkit, bilugan kaya ang mata ko," Kris animatedly stressed to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a recent interview at the GMA Network Center.

But for someone who strives to improve on her craft as an actress, assuming a role no matter how far from reality presents a big challenge that is worth taking.

And how is Kris faring so far as a young and driven Fil-Korean cook?

"Okay naman po. Well, kailangan ko talagang mag-aral tungkol sa Korean culture and ’yong language tapos kasama din dun ’yong kailangan maging familiar sa Korean dishes. Sa language, may teacher kami, then dun naman sa culture and even fashion, I researched sa Internet to learn more about them," explained Kris.

Koreana—GMA-7’s newest and first original Sinenovela offering—touches about a young woman’s search for love, answers about her past, and journey to self-realization.

The network had of course the so-called "Korean phenomenon" here in the Philippines in mind as source of inspiration for the series.

Many of course associate anything Korean with their brand of entertainment and music, which is described as upbeat and colorful, to say the least.

Koreana, however, focuses on the serious side of life as told through its main character named Jenna, who is a determined and caring Korean-Filipino hoping to be reunited with her real family.

Director Gil Tejada said that while the title specifically pertains to a particular nationality, the heart of the story touches on the universal plight of individuals who are product of failed interracial relationships—their struggle to fit in and achieve self-identity.

Completing the cast of Koreana are Rocco Nacino, Steven Silva, Angelu de Leon, Marco Morales, Eddie Garcia, Eula Valdez, Lotlot de Leon, Sab Magalona, Sylvia Sanchez, Joyce Ching, Luigi Revilla, Dinky Doo, and Grace Lee.


Catch the premiere of Koreana this afternoon, October 11, after Trudis Liit on GMA-7.

Viewers based in the United States, Asia Pacific, and Middle East can catch Koreana starting on October 14 on GMA Pinoy TV, which is the flagship international channel of GMA Network.





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