No magic secret is safe on TV5’s Magic Gimik! with Kean and Empoy

Kean Cipriano (left) and Empoy Marquez will reveal magicians’ secrets in TV5’s new reality show, Magic Gimik! It will air every Wednesday at 8 pm.

The most baffling magic illusions will finally be revealed in Philippine TV’s most daring abracadabra-spoiler reality show yet, Magic Gimik!

Based on the all-time hit and historic U.S. top-rating reality series Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed, Magic Gimik! lets all marvelous magical feats exposed. The deepest and darkest trade secrets of magic tricks are shattered starting this Sunday, October 17, 8 pm on TV5’s Primetimes5.

Each episode promises no less than the most revealing truth about trickers’ age-old illusion practices. Every Wednesday night, Magic Trick! offers the viewers everything our bare eyes could hardly see—how an object or a human body is lifted from the surface, how a magician escapes a death-defying stunt, how magicians carry out card tricks, and more.

Join the quirky tandem of Kean Cipriano and Empoy Marquez as they detail the mystery behind the magic tricks that have eluded the public for years now.


"This is the kind of show all the magicians the world over don’t want you to watch," said Kean Cipriano, the host of the new reality show who’s ready to learn the trick with comedian Empoy.

"But don’t get us wrong here. We don’t want magicians gone jobless; this could even inspire them to do more," he continued.

Equipped with their enthusiasm to get the magic’s drill, the two are ready to spill their exciting discovery on how the magic is being performed.

Lift the confusion from illusion as Kean and Empoy learn from "Master M," the undercover expert from the magic industry who took the challenge to disclose the unknown. He will guide the two aspiring magic students Kean and Empoy from the secrets his colleagues wouldn’t dare divulge.

The oath of secrecy among magicians is busted, as we learn the mystery behind the magic tricks in Magic Gimik!, starting October 13, 8 pm on TV5.



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