Endless Love airs its finale this week on GMA-7

GMA-7’s remake of the Koreanovela Endless Love, starring Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, will air its finale episodes this week.

Viewers should not miss the most anticipated heartbreaking scenes of Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes and Dennis Trillo as the well-loved, tear-jerking Pinoy remake of Koreanovela Endless Love bids farewell this week.

Endless Love’s last few episodes will definitely keep the viewers’ tears rolling as the lead female character Jenny struggles to survive against leukemia.

Aside from Marian, Dingdong and Dennis, Endless Love also features Nadine Samonte, Tirso Cruz III, Sandy Andolong, Janice de Belen, Bernard Palanca, Marco Alcaraz, Gabby Eigenmann, Ces Quesada, Jana Dominguez, Mosang, Bela Padilla and Ms. Kuh Ledesma.

This week, Jenny (Marian Rivera) finally regains consciousness after falling into a coma. She finds Johnny (Dingdong Dantes) beside her bed. Initially, Johnny refuses to visit Jenny’s room because he couldn’t take the pain of watching the latter’s condition. Although painful for him, Andrew (Dennis Trillo), who is still head over heels in love with Jenny, convinces Johnny to be by her side.

After being convinced by her family, Jenny agrees to undergo chemotherapy. Her body seems to get weaker as she goes on with the treatment and everyone is worried that she is not getting better. However, Jenny seems determined to continue fighting her illness. Soon, they receive news that she is in cancer remission. Johnny and the whole family rejoice in the good news.

Andrew, meanwhile, realizes that he’d rather lose Jenny to Johnny as long as she is alive and healthy. And with the recent news on Jenny’s better condition and knowing that she is well and happy, Andrew decides that it is time to let Jenny go.

With this good news, is it happy ending after all for Johnny and Jenny? But what if fate intervenes? Will it be a long-lasting happiness or an eternal heartbreak for these two ill-fated lovers?

Find out all these as unveil in the heartrending finale week of Endless Love, weeknights on GMA Telebabad.






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