Tween Royalty of Tween Hearts continue to mesmerize viewers

The cast of Reel Love Presents Tween Hearts continue to keep their viewers glued to their TV screens every Sunday afternoon in GMA-7.

GMA Network’s Tween Royalty are definitely on cloud nine after learning about the success of their Sunday afternoon show, Reel Love presents Tween Hearts, which consistently toppled its competition for five consecutive weeks.

The youth series continues to claim leadership in its timeslot, beating its rival show last Sunday (October 24) with 6.3 percent Mega Manila people rating based on data from TV ratings supplier Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

The Tweens are composed of Barbie Forteza and Joshua Dionisio, Bea Binene and Jake Vargas together with Joyce Ching, Kristoffer Martin, Lexi Fernandez, Louise de los Reyes and Derek Monasterio.

Proof to their overpowering appeal and immense fame were the thousands of screaming fans present during their series of mall shows and school tours. Adding to that was the success of their live chat held at the GMA compound last October 23 where Joshua, Barbie, Bea and Jake gamely answered 17,000 questions from their supporters in less than an hour.

This Sunday (October 31), the plot thickens in the Part 6 episode of Tween Hearts. One of the highlights is Josh’s (Joshua) profession of his love for Bambi (Barbie) which aggravated the anger of Belinda (Bea) to her sister.

Meanwhile, Leslie (Lexi) is unhappy with the growing closeness between Aya (Joyce) and Chris (Kristoffer). She conspires with Belinda to create a prank against the boys and Bambi.

Belinda is reprimanded by her mom and decides to leave the camp site. Bambi learns of Belinda’s disappearance and blames Josh for this unfortunate incident.

Will Aya and Chris’ budding romance turn into something real despite Leslie’s intervention? Will Belinda ever realize that it is Bambi that Josh desires?

Don’t miss Part 6 of Reel Love presents Tween Hearts this Sunday, October 31, right after Party Pilipinas on GMA-7.





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