Iza Calzado’s character in Beauty Queen joins bikini competition

Iza Calzado bares sexy body for bikini competition in her GMA-7 show Beauty Queen.

GMA-7’s Beauty Queen has proven to reign over its counterpart in the rival station as demonstrated by its ratings in Mega Manila, based on data from AGB Nielsen.

Since debuting with a promising 9.5 percent people ratings, GMA-7’s homegrown drama continues to reign in its timeslot. It peaked at 11.3 percent (which is relatively high for a late night program) on October 27 (Wednesday) compared to its rival’s 7.9 percent.

This Kapuso show aims to provide viewers with an all-exclusive backstage pass into the intriguing world of beauty pageants.

Young women can empathize with the browbeaten character of Maita played by Iza, a dutiful daughter who dedicates her dream of becoming a beauty queen to her bitter and cold-hearted mother, portrayed by veteran thespian Elizabeth Oropesa.

Viewers can also look forward to the performances of Maggie Wilson as Rebecca, a sophisticated beauty queen aspirant as well as Katrina Halili’s portrayal of Dorcas, a timid and self-effacing girl who struggles to get out of her shell.

This week, tension ignites between best friends Maita (Iza Calzado) and Rebecca (Maggie Wilson) after the latter finds out that Maita is the woman Marc (TJ Trinidad) is fantasizing about. Meanwhile, Maita joins a bikini competition hoping to bring home the grand prize. She plans to use the cash prize to bail her mother out of prison. However, Maita is unaware that Rebecca is one of the judges.

Beauty Queen airs weeknights on GMA Telebabad right after Ilumina.





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