Michelle Madrigal joins boyfriend John Hall as jury member in Survivor Philippines

The Outcast Michelle Madrigal has been voted off from Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown. She will join John Hall and Aira Bermudez as one of the jury members who will help choose the winner of GMA-7’s reality show.

It was a rare treat that the members of Galone tribe experienced last week. The castaways of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown were reunited with their loved ones who even participated in the Reward challenge with them.

Akihiro Sato and his friend, Hideo Moroaca won in the competition and they got to spend the day at Phuket, Thailand. As a bonus to the reward, Aki can pick one member and his loved one to go with one. Aki chose Ahron Villena and his dad, Toto, to join them in Phuket.

Fellow castaway Aubrey Miles felt quite disappointed that she wasn’t picked by Aki.

The Immunity web challenge proved to be tricky. Members have to "climb" their way up a giant "web" and find a key that will unlock one of the eight doors. Once unlocked, the winner gets to wear the immunity necklace. First one to find the key and unlock the door wins immunity. All the members scrambled and searched for the right key but it became apparent that Ervic Vijandre, who was very thorough in his search, was the leader of the pack. He won the much coveted immunity necklace.

After the challenge, the Galone tribe (the name of the merged tribe) was summoned to Tribal Council. Aira Bermudez, who was booted out at the last Tribal Council, now seats beside Jon Hall as a member of the Jury.

Before voting proceeded, Survivor Philippines host Richard talked to the castaways regarding their brief reunion with their loved ones.

He directed his question to Nanay Elma Muros about her relationship with Kuya Jojo, her husband. The sprint queen was a bit emotional in her reply. "Naiyak po ako...malaking bagay po sa akin...siya po ang buhay ko...siya ang soul mate ko talaga."


When it was Solenn Heusaff’s turn, she said: "I kept crying like the biggest baby on earth...I didn’t know who to expect. All my friends are working and my family is all abroad. I didn’t expect to see my brother... I started crying and crying..."

With regards to the reward challenge, Richard asked Ahron Villena if he got worried when he saw his father bleeding. "Di naman...tatay ko yan...matapang."

The host then questioned Aki why he chose Ahron and his dad to share the reward. Aki simply said "Sobrang masipag sila. The time I saw the blood...he still continued the game. He deserved to go."

Richard pointed out that Aubrey didn’t hide her disappointment when she was not picked to go to Phuket. Aubrey explained, "Siguro...excited ako na resort... ...expected kong pumunta. I needed it also as much as Aki needed it...Naiyak ako. I always respect Aki’s decision. Siya yung nanalo."

The next question on Aira being booted out by the majority of the group was directed to everyone. Solenn remarked, "I consider having a strong alliance with Aira. She has less alliance than other people here. I decided to be selfish and think of myself and make other alliances to stay longer."

Aki observed, "she’s a strong person especially in the game" while Ervic pointed out: "Di ko masabing yun yung tamang paraan...kung sino ang napagkasunduan ng mga ka-alyansa ko, doon ako..."

Aubrey replied, "Kailangan mong sabihin sa ibang tao...alam mo yun, mahirap. Mahirap magsinungaling bawat isa sa amin...kahit ngayon, di ko alam....di mo maiaalis sa isang game na ganito."


Richard singled out Elma, Ahron and Aki as the stronger players in the physical challenges.

In response to Richard’s announcement, Elma said, "Di ko talaga masabi...Ako nga, nangangarap kong magsuot ng immunity necklace...Kung eto na talaga ang time ko...eto na talaga ang time na ma-vote out ako."

Richard wanted to know if an alliance is necessary to survive in the game. Michelle Madrigal stated, "Maybe...Yung kay Aira, she wanted to play it dirty. Ayaw nilang kalabanin yung strong alliance."

Who do they think has a solid plan in the game? Moi Marcampo named Aubrey and she explained that Aubrey is the one being followed by the guys and she is the mastermind behind their moves.

Aubrey vehemently denied this by saying, "Ako lang ang ma-chika Ako lang yung may kailangan idaanan sa may guys sabihin sa ibang tao, ako yung tinutulak."

Richard asked the group if they perceived Aubrey as a "threat." Solenn replied, "I can understand how people can probably perceive her that way. I wouldn’t consider her as a threat at this point in the game."

Aki disagreed with Solenn. He pointed out, "She has a big chance because of the bracelet. We’re all the same by now. We don’t know who’s the next to [be] voted out."

Last question was directed to Ervic on acquiring the immunity necklace. "Dream come true...sarap ng feeling na mayroon lang ganito..." was his response.

Come voting time, Aubrey decided to keep her immunity bracelet. All eight members took turns voting. When the votes were tailled, Michelle garnered five votes. Richard then announced that Michelle is the tenth castaway to be voted off the island. She joins her boyfriend John Hall and Aira Bermudez as the third member of the jury.

The castaway dubbed as The Outcast was not really surprised with the outcome. "I expected it kasi I don’t have a strong alliance and I didn’t win immunity. I’m next. Ang pangkat na strong dyan actually is apat...Nanay [Elma], Aubrey, Ervic and Aki. Siyempre the four of them, sila-sila yung magsti-stick. Di magrisk para sa sarili nila to make a new alliance, sila rin mavo-vote out. I think Aubrey’s a threat because she manipulates everyone’s minds. Magpakatotoo kayo..."


Only seven members are left to complete in the reward and immunity challenges in the coming days.

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown airs weeknights at GMA -7.





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