PBB housemate Nel Rapiza flies to Iloilo to visit his ailing grandma

Nel Rapiza became emotional upon learning that his Lola Celia was confined at the intensive care unit of the Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital.

Just as the housemates were about to celebrate their 100th day inside Big Brother’s house, Nel Rapiza of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 learns about the critical condition of his grandmother, Lola Celia.

Inside the confession room, Big Brother told him, "Nel, may kailangan akong ibalita sa iyo. Kakailanganin mong umuwi ng Iloilo. Mayroong may sakit—ang Lola Celia mo. Nasa ICU [intensive care unit] siya.

"Hindi ko alam ang mga detalye. Pero papayagan kitang umuwi at bibigyan kita ng 24 oras para makabalik. Pagpunta mo ng Iloilo, tanging ang lola mo lang ang iyong makakasalamuha," explains Big Brother.

Nel immediately recalls the good things that his grandmother did for him in the past. "Mr. Perfect" points out that his Lola Celia was the one who taught him about God and made him realize how important it is to have God at the center of his life.

After informing his fellow housemates about this family emergency, Nel immediately packs and leaves Big Brother’s House.

He arrives at the Iloilo Doctors’ Hospital and is ushered to the bedside of his Lola Celia. The loving grandson whispers into her ears, "Magpagaling ka na, Lola. I love you, Lola." The matriarch responds by saying, "Masaya ako at nakita kita. Mahal na mahal kita, apo."

A forced eviction would have been implemented should Nel fail to return on time. Fortunately, "Mr. Perfect" was able to return just in time to join the 100th day celebration of the PBB Season 2 housemates.





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