GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV launches 10 new locations in December 2010

According to GMA Network, GMA Pinoy TV has around 261,000 subscribers worldwide as of Q3 2010. Meanwhile, GMA Life TV accounts for 126,000 subscribers worldwide as of Q3 2010.


"December was a busy month for GMA Network’s international operations, closing off 2010 with more than ten new launches for GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV in different cities in the U.S. And more are to be expected from both channels this 2011.

"It will be a busy and exciting 2011 for GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV as we continue to expand the distribution of these international channels. We look forward to serving more of our fellow Filipinos around the world through these new launches," shares Joseph T. Francia, Vice President and Head of Operations for GMA International

"Digital cable provider Comcast, which brings the network’s flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV, to the homes of Filipinos in Northern and Central California; Boston and Brookline in Massachusetts; Houston, Texas; Portland, Oregon; and Spokane, Washington, added nine more locations to its areas of coverage just last December.

"On Dec. 1, Comcast Beltway launched GMA Pinoy TV in Washington DC; Frederick and Prince George’s County in Maryland; Montgomery, Alabama; and Loudoun County, Virginia.

"Comcast Colorado soon followed on Dec. 10. With the launch of GMA Pinoy TV in the state, Fil-Am communities in Denver Metro, Trinidad, and Colorado Spring now enjoy the channel’s top-notch programming.

"On Dec. 16, subscribers in Chicago not only began to enjoy watching their Kapuso stars through the launch of GMA Pinoy TV on Comcast, they also finally had the chance to witness the dynamic programming that the Kapuso Network’s second international channel, GMA Life TV, brings. GLTV is also currently carried by Comcast in Central California.

"The Big Apple also began to share in the exciting television experience that GMA Network has for them when GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV launched on Time Warner New York on Dec. 8. The top pay-TV system, Time Warner Cable New York, now carries GMA Pinoy TV in the boroughs of Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, where a significant number of Filipino-Americans reside.


"GMA Pinoy TV, which has around 261,000 subscribers worldwide as of Q3 2010, is also seen in Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Palm Desert via Time Warner.

"Launched in 2008, GMA Life TV accounts for 126,000 subscribers worldwide as of Q3 2010."

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